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Fotolog comes back to life on Android: this is how you can recover (and delete) your old photos

Fotolog was one of the most popular social networks in the early 2000s. For several years, and before Twitter and Instagram, Fotolog was the website where users, who now are in their thirties, posted their photos and experiences. Now, taking advantage of Facebook’s privacy scandal, the social network has been relaunched via an Android app that you can download.

It is known that most social networks have complex algorithms and gather a lot of data to make profit from ads. However, Fotolog stays away from that strategy and presents itself as a simple, minimalistic social network where you can only post one picture per day. This is an app where our privacy is more transparent and our data is more secure.

A picture per day: what the new Fotolog for Android offers

One of Fotolog’s trademarks is that we can only post one picture per day. This is done to prevent an excess of posts. Besides, it could help us to have a calendar that is easy to follow, so we can relate pictures with specific dates. I think this is a very interesting strategy that keeps everything under control, as opposed to Twitter and even Instagram where millions of tweets and photos are posted every day.

In the Daily tab, we can see the history of posts in chronological order, comment on them, like them and share them on other social networks. Those of you who try Fotolog for the first time will find a really basic social network that has a huge amount of users thanks to the brand’s popularity.

Fotolog for Android is a social network that tries to imitate Instagram’s simplicity but with just a picture per day.

Besides the main tab, we get the Explore (where we can see the rest of the users’ posts), the Upload, the Activity and the Me tabs. It is true that the app is not so original in this sense, but in the end Fotolog is not concerned by this.

How to get your old Fotolog back

All the images posted on the old Fotolog are now available on your phone.

Another interesting feature of Fotolog for Android is that it is the same social network that came out in 2002. This means that we can get our old Fotolog account back if we had one. To do so, we just have to log in using our username or log in with Facebook.

Once we are logged in, we will see that the calendar is empty because we did not post any pictures during the years the social network was gone. However, if we go back, we will see that all of our messages and pictures are there, unlike the likes and comments, which disappeared from the old posts. Still, the app can be used to like old posts and comment on them.

Everything that is on the web ends up being revealed

Those of you who had a Fotolog profile and opened it up back again might wonder: how can I prevent everything from being revealed? The truth is that a lot of Fotolog users were young, and the concept of privacy was not a concern at the time. Even if we have posted photos on Facebook that we should not have posted, Fotolog offered a bigger feeling of freedom.

Lyrics, philosophical phrases and partying photos. Fotolog is our youth’s gold mine.

Now all of those photos are easily accessible through the app for Android, and it is really easy to go to any user’s profile to see all of their images. There is no easy way to erase our past, and it is highly likely that we are now ashamed of all of those photos being public.

Pictures can be deleted through their settings menu, but you have to do that one by one, as the Fotolog app does not allow selecting an entire month to delete all the photos at once. We do not think this social network will experience a surge in popularity, but it is a good time for us to go over what we have posted on the web and ponder how much we care about the pictures being public.

This is how you can set up the privacy on the new Fotolog

Luckily, Fotolog for Android allows us to easily manage privacy. In fact, there is only one thing we have to configure. We have to go to Account > Privacy > Who can see your photos and choose only me, only friends or public. We recommend at least choosing the second option so other users cannot snoop around our profiles.

It is always nice to see how old services come back to life to adapt themselves to modern times, especially if it is an app like Fotolog, which lets us remember and compare how much social networks have changed during the last few years.

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