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Polls are here for Facebook Stories: this is how you can add them

After arriving in Instagram, it seems that the experiment has been successful, as polls are also coming to Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories. The feature is obviously similar to Instagram polls, although this time the design is quite dull, to be honest.

You can start adding polls to your Facebook Stories right now. Your friends will be able to vote for the options you share and see which option wins. You will be notified every time someone votes.

How to add polls to your Facebook Stories

Adding a poll to a Facebook Story is easy. First, you have to take a picture or record a video (or add one from your phone’s gallery if you like). Then you have to tap the stickers icon and the Poll sticker should be there. Tap it to add a poll to your story.

After that, you have to tap “Ask something” in order to edit the poll’s text, and then write the two possible options. You are free to write whatever you like (or use emojis), but the text will have a character limit, so you will not be able to write much.

Embellish your post with stickers or additional designs if you want, and send it to your Facebook Stories so your friends can see it and vote. Even you can vote if you want.

What happens when someone votes?

You will receive a Facebook notification every time someone votes for one of your story’s options. The notification does not reveal the vote, so you have to go to the story and tap the eye icon (which shows who has viewed the poll) to see the vote count as well as the people and the options they have voted for. So, there are no anonymous votes.

With the polling feature now on Facebook, we cannot help but wonder if it would not be better for Facebook (and all of us) to have an external app shared between all of its apps to edit stories. Having the same feature on four different apps (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram) does not seem quite optimum, but it looks like it is exactly the way to go.

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