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The best cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi routers you can buy

If you still do not have one yet, then it is time to think about buying a Gigabit Wi-Fi router, which provides speeds up to 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gbps. Is it too much? Not anymore, as we will see below…

On May 20, Movistar started to double the speed of fiber for free. Its clients with a 300 Mbps fiber will be moved to 600 Mbps entirely for free. Orange and Vodafone will do something alike. Also, you can now get a 1 Gbps fiber connection.

Luckily, nowadays it is possible to buy a cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi router for little over €45.

If you have moved to 300 or 600 Mbps, the free router offered by service providers will barely be able to handle those speeds when several users are connected simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at the best cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi routers you can buy

Elements to take into account

Before buying a cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi router, we have to make sure that it fulfills a series of essential requirements.

The name Gigabit refers to a speed of at least 1 Gbps, that is 1,000 Mbps, but there are a lot of routers that exceed that speed, being able to provide 1,900 Mbps or even more. Even if your Internet connection is not as fast as that, you should always try to buy a router with the best speed possible. Although it is true that you will only be able to browse the web at your maximum connection speed, you will get a better performance when several users and devices are connected simultaneously by having more bandwidth.

A Gigabit Wi-Fi router not only has to provide that speed via Wi-Fi but also has to do so with its LAN and WLAN connections in order to connect PCs, consoles, TVs and even the operator’s router if you choose to keep it.

You also need to check its capabilities to support simultaneous connections and simultaneously transmit or receive data (in other words, check that it offers MU-MIMO support).

Another important element is the router’s amount of RAM memory and Flash memory. Gigabit Wi-Fi routers handle data at great speeds, so they require a powerful processor and RAM memory to work smoothly. Make sure that the router has at least 128 MB of RAM and 16 MB of Flash memory for temporary operations.

Gigabit Wi-Fi routers are dual-band routers with 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. The 5 GHz band is faster and consumes less power but has shorter range. Use it whenever you can.

Some extra elements to consider are beamforming (the ability to focus the Wi-Fi signal to make it stronger), USB ports to connect hard drives or printers, and a slot for a SIM card in case the fiber fails to work one day.

The best cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi routers

TP-Link Archer 5

This TP-Link Gigabit router delivers a 1,200 Mbps speed over dual 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz (877 Mbps) bands. It has 3 external 5dBi antennas and 3 internal antennas, 2 USB 2.0 ports and several Gigabit Ethernet ports. It is also a 2×2 MU-MIMO router.

The TP-Link Archer 5 is just €47 on Amazon.

D-Link DIR 842

This is another cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi router that has everything you may require from such a device: an 802.11ac speed of 867 Mbps (5 GHz) and a 802.11n speed of 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz), 4 external antennas, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and a Gigabit WAN port.

The D-Link DIR 842 is only €54.


This ASUS model delivers 1,200 Mbps over its dual bands, and it has 128 MB of RAM, 4 external antennas with beamforming support, USB 2.0 ports, and support for 3G and 4G SIM cards.

The ASUS RT AC1200G+ can be bought for €79 on Amazon.

Alfa AC1200R

This is a simple but great router that stands out for its above-average powerful Wi-Fi capabilities thanks to its 4 antennas. It delivers 802.11ac speeds of 867 Mbps (5 GHz) and 300 Mbps (2.4 GHz), and it has a Gigabit WLAN port, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

The Alfa AC1200R can be bought on Amazon for €85.

AVM Fritz! box 4040

The prestigious German brand raises the bar for the best cheap Gigabit Wi-Fi routers thanks to this model. It delivers 1,300 Mbps over 802.11ac with 866 Mbps (5 GHz) and 450 Mbps (2.4 GHz). It has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, a Gigabit WLAN port and 2 USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. It also works as a UPnP AV media server.

The AVM Fritz! box 4040 is just €82 on Amazon.

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