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This is Netflix’s new player for Android: fast forward or rewind precisely

Netflix’s app for Android was completely redone in early April. The main novelty used to be the removal of the side menu to have a main screen with tabs and a bottom menu. Now, Netflix has been updated again, bringing novelties to the playback screen.

The latest version of Netflix’s app is already available on the Play Store. If you install it, you will not notice any changes when looking for movies or browsing the categories, but you will notice changes when playing movies. Netflix’s player has been redone and now has a new way to fast forward or rewind videos, helping us being more precise.

Bigger icons and more precise controls

Netflix for Android keeps redesigning its interface. As we told you, the latest update changed the playback screen. Now, when we play a series or a movie, there are new buttons available, the most important being the ones to go forward and back in ten second steps.

The forward and back buttons work just like they do in other apps like YouTube, allowing us to take ten second jumps throughout the video, which makes it easier for us to find the exact moment that we are looking for. However, there is no need to tap them directly (they disappear after a few seconds of playback), as we can simply double tap either to the right to go forward or double tap to the left to go back.

Besides this new way to move throughout the playback, there are also changes for the buttons at the bottom of the screen. From there, we can see the episode list if we are watching a series, choose the language and subtitles, and there is a new button to jump right into the next episode.

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