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Type-C fast charging for the iPhone 9 and Apple’s accessory business

According to sources inside production lines, the iPhone 9, Apple’s next-gen smartphone due in September, will come with the USB Type-C-powered fast charger that was leaked by Chinese media outlets.

The upside is the apparent removal of the proprietary Lightning connection in favor of the industry-standard USB Type-C, which is better in every sense. However, the USB Type-C is not good for Apple’s million-dollar business involving accessories, adapters, dongles and cables.

This is the only way to explain why a last-gen MacBook Pro, for example, is not capable of charging an iPhone or iPad unless you use an adapter (USB-C to USB-A or USB-C to Lightning). This is quite hard to understand coming from a company like Apple unless it is due to commercial reasons.

Besides compatibility issues, the Lightning charger of current iPhones delivers 5 W and is not compatible with the mobile industry’s fastest charging rates. This occurs despite the fact that the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 support fast charging even if it only works after you spend $50 on a brand new Apple adapter.

Fast charging for the iPhone 9

Fast charging for the iPhone 9 would be the solution. Finally! According to a leaked image found on the Chinese website Chongiantou, the phone would come with a 18 W charger, dramatically reducing the phone’s charge time.

Taking into account the battery life limitations of current smartphones, you can understand how important charging the battery is. The charger uses a USB-C port, which would allow us to connect the iPhone directly to a MacBook Pro.

But wait. We are not done yet. Maybe we will need more cables and/or adapters. Some media outlets claim that Apple will effectively get rid of the proprietary Lightning connector, although it may be delayed to future generations. If so, we would still need additional cables or adapters even if the iPhone comes with the fast charger.

You will understand this article better if you know that simple cables, adapters, dongles or chargers yield the highest profit margins in the tech industry. The iPhone 9’s USB Type-C-powered fast charger is good news for clients, and getting rid of the proprietary Lightning connector is great news for the industry. Neither of these things are confirmed yet.

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