Blind Faith

Strange notion is a conviction that has no substantial explanation. Odd notion isn’t just found in that frame of mind of uninformed and low pay bunch, yet it is likewise seen pretty much in individuals of profoundly taught, learned, scholarly, big league salary bunch and created nations. This is usually seen from generation to generation. Superstitions are of different types according to society, country, region, caste and religion. The traditions, beliefs which a small child has been seeing and hearing in his home, family and society since childhood, he also starts following them literally. Black magic, signs, favorable times, jewels, charms and so forth are offspring of odd notion. Odd notions are far away from truth and reality. In notion an individual trusts in heavenly powers.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith

This notion has such a profound effect to him that he can’t emerge from these notions until the end of his life. Strange notion is generally found in individuals of frail character, powerless brain science and feeble attitude. Various kinds of notions are ordinarily found in the general public, for example, flickering of the eye, wheezing by an individual while leaving the house for some work, feline intersection the way, Tingling on the palm, presence of fiendish spirits in a dark feline, eating white things like curd prior to going for the test, seeing a bird named Neelkanth on the right hand, emerging from under the stepping stool, glancing through the mirror break, Opening the umbrella inside the house, thumping two times on the wood, tossing salt behind the shoulder, forbidding the passage of a lady during monthly cycle thinking of her as unclean, not beginning another work or sewing new garments on the times of Shradh, and so forth. It is likewise a notion to have someone else wheeze while leaving the house for some work. At the point when this occurs, the individual stays there for quite a while and comes out again solely after drinking water or eating something little and fat. Crossing the way of a cat is likewise viewed as foreboding. It has been seen that on the off chance that a feline goes across a street, individuals on the two sides pause and stand till an individual or a vehicle goes across the street.

On account of this multiple occasions even the streets get stuck. It is said that the feline has a place with the group of the lion. At the point when lions, cheetahs and creatures of this family go across a street or way, then subsequent to crossing the way they pause and glance back at their prey. To that end in times past individuals didn’t continue on that way until the lion was no more. This was the explanation, however presently it has turned into a notion.

Before the kids go for the assessment, the guardians feed them with white things like curd and so on and send them. This is connected with the notion that eating white things makes the test awesome and marks come quite well. It is viewed as propitious to track down a pony’s shoe (iron joined under the pony’s feet) and individuals make a round ring from this shoe and wear it straightforwardly in the center finger of the hand. As per a notion, opening an umbrella inside the house is viewed as unfavorable.

 what is superstition?

In the event that there is absence of rationale in its outcomes prior to testing or accomplishing any work without knowledge, then, at that point, it is called notion. Eccentric individuals are called lethargic on the grounds that they put stock in come by great outcomes without difficult work.

How is superstition born?

Strange notions emerge from the convictions of the old time and obliviousness towards advancement. While there is a bad situation for strange notions in current contemplations and way of life.

 Who created the superstition?

In spite of the predominance of science in this day and age, odd notions – both conventional and new – are shockingly well known. The idea of strange notion has existed for centuries, and a portion of the present most well known notions began in old Babylonia.

What are the disadvantages of superstition?

Strange notion is an arrangement of imagined that is generally diverged from genuine confidence in philosophical and common writing, which is related with crude wizardry. We don’t have the foggiest idea what is reality, yet because of these notions, the vast majority of individuals of India have become odd, hesitant, terrified and anxiety toward religion.

Difference between superstition and belief 

Superstition:- Believing blindly or believing without understanding. In English it is known as ‘Blind Faith’. Superstition is a belief that does not have any valid reason.

Belief:- A belief is an attitude that something is the case, or that some proposition is true. Faith is such a feeling that if it arises for something, it does not break quickly. And if this spreads to the general public instead of one person, then no one can stop it from becoming a fanatical belief.


There is truth in these superstitions, then you ask him to prove the truth of these superstitions. It is very difficult to get rid of your superstitious belief, it is a bitter truth. Learn to ignore the urge to act on a belief related to your superstition. You should know that superstition only works when you believe in its inherent charm and power.


Ques 1:- How to remove superstition?

Individual notion can be overwhelmed by self-study, satsang, logical reasoning, data, mindfulness, responsibility, and so on.

Ques 2:- To remove superstition, there is a need for public awareness with scientific thinking.

Regulations have likewise been made to stop strange notion. However, there is a requirement for logical reasoning and mindfulness among the overall population. Today also Commonly the residents don’t seek treatment for sicknesses and have faith in expulsion and go to the specialist when the illness increments.



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