Dowry System

Dowry means the property given to the groom by the bride’s family at the time of marriage. In India it is also known as dowry, hunda or var-dakshina and is given by the bride’s family in the form of cash or kind to the groom’s family along with the bride. Who would not be familiar with the dowry system today. This practice has been prevalent in our country India for centuries. Dowry system is one of the evils going on in the society. It is such a civilization made by humans that is spread in many places around the world. Dowry refers to the money (cash), jewellery, furniture, property and other valuables given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family at the time of marriage.

Dowry System


Dowry System

Dowry system in which the bride’s family gives a lot of gifts, valuables etc. to the groom’s family at the time of their daughter’s marriage. In today’s time, the practice of dowry is condemned to a great extent, but it is still going on from before till now. Inflation is also the main reason for dowry system, currently a person needs a lot of money to meet all kinds of needs and they consider marriage as a good opportunity to get money and more money from the girl’s side. By demanding, they become successful in meeting their needs. In the Middle Ages, when the influence of the Mughal Empire on the Indian society started increasing, then women were kept in purdah and they were also seen with hatred, as a result of which the demand for dowry arose for the marriage of women.

Is there any benefit from the Dowry system?

Parents try to make their daughter’s life happy in her in-laws’ house by giving dowry. Dowry practice allows many women to live openly because the cash, property, furniture, car and other property found in dowry is like a financial support for them. does work With this the bride and groom can start their life well. Dowry system which was introduced as a civilizing process to provide financial support to the girls for their new life so that she can start her life afresh. In today’s time, it has slowly become involved in the biggest bad practice of the society. But this practice is a curse for our society and it has become a challenge for us to stop it.

Side effects of dowry

Dowry makes it difficult for a girl from a simple and ordinary family and her father to live in a respectable manner. Don’t know how many women have been sacrificed because of this practice in the country. This dowry system has committed the crime of destroying the peace of life of lakhs of families and erasing the honesty of human beings.

Present form of dowry

The present form of dowry has taken a very dangerous form in today’s time, because in today’s time, if the girl’s parents do not give a good dowry, then the boys make it difficult for the girl and her family to live and do not give dowry until she asks for it. Till then they keep on torturing their daughter and if there is a reason that the girl commits suicide either the in-laws put a lot of blame on the girl and kill her.


According to the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, there is a provision of imprisonment of 5 years and a fine of Rs 15,000 for taking dowry, giving or aiding in its transaction.Under Section 406, the girl’s husband and in-laws are punishable with 3 years imprisonment or fine or both, if they refuse to hand over the girl’s stridhan to her.If a girl dies under unusual circumstances within seven years of her marriage and it is proved that she was tortured for dowry before the death, then under section 304-B ​​of the Indian Penal Code, the girl’s husband and relatives may be punished with imprisonment of not less than seven years to life imprisonment.

Effect of dowry system

Influencing women’s career:- Poor presence of women in the workforce and the resulting lack of financial independence is a major factor in the dowry system. Middle and upper class families send their daughters to school regularly but do not emphasize on career options. Gender discrimination:- Due to the dowry system, many times it is seen that women are seen as a liability and they are often forced into subordination and they are given second class facilities with respect to education or other facilities. Objectification of Women:- The contemporary dowry is like an investment by the bride’s family for powerful connections and money-making opportunities.


With the change of time many traditions lose their original form. By erasing their usefulness, they become a curse in the form of evil for the society. As a result, such systems take their distorted form and become a problem for the society. Dowry system is the most dreadful and problematic of all the systems in our country. Today the situation has become such that the birth of a girl child is considered a misfortune because the parents are already afraid of the expenditure on her marriage. With the birth of a girl child, the demon of dowry starts torturing her, so there was a practice of female sacrifice in some places in the past. Sacrifice was offered as soon as a girl child was born.

Reason for dowry system

Spending more and more on the marriage of a girl has become a social belief in every society of India. Even if there is no demand from the groom’s side, it has become a social necessity for the girl to spend more than her capacity. The person who spends less, lacks decorations in marriage or gives less dowry, he considers himself an insult in the society. So he spends according to social norms and gets into debt forever.

Social Stigma

Dowry system is a blot on Indian society. An eligible Colleen Sushil beautiful girl cannot get a suitable groom because of dowry. It is her social curse that her life goes on with an ill-matched person. His whole life is spent in sorrow and pain. Today, dowry is dominated by people of every small and big caste living in India.

Dowry system reform

In the modern era, there is a lot of propaganda of education. Every educated young man and woman is well aware of the demon of dowry. That’s why they should struggle to be free from this bondage. Now-a-days educated girls prefer to live life as a virgin instead of marrying unwanted mismatch grooms. So they earn their livelihood from jobs etc.


Till the time the true well wishers of the society do not come forward, giving speeches by the law makers will be of no use. If the youth society itself tries to eradicate this evil, then there can be a possibility of getting success soon. We want this practice to end at the earliest. Dowry system is not only illegal but also immoral. That’s why there is a need to awaken the conscience of the society completely towards the evils of dowry system so that the prestige of those who demand dowry in the society is reduced.


Question 1:- What do you understand by dowry system?
Answer – Dowry is the practice of gifting money or property in a special form by the parents to the bridegroom or groom’s family at the daughter’s wedding. Dowry usually consists of cash payments, jewelry, or property, etc.

Question 2:- Who started the dowry system?
Answer –  The dowry system was first introduced in England by the Normans in the 12th century. This dowry was usually given to the husband at the wedding at the door of the church in front of all present.

Question 3:-   How can we stop the dowry system?
Answer –   To stop dowry practice, we should educate our daughters, encourage them to make their career, do not encourage the practice of giving or taking dowry, teach them to be independent and responsible.

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