How to earn 500 rupees daily

Dhan/money is one such thing that has been going on for years. After which the whole world runs. Because money is a very important thing in today’s time. Through which man can enjoy all those pleasures. Which he cannot even imagine in his dreams. Sometimes something like this happens to us. When we are surrounded by many difficulties, and we are in great need of money. Then we feel that money is everything and nothing is more important than money in this world.

How to earn 500 rupees daily

Money is such a valuable commodity or thing. Through which we can enjoy all the pleasures of life and if we have money. So we can buy all the big and small things of this world like clothes, land, property, car, private jet etc.

How to earn 500 rupees daily?

In our country, if a person starts earning  500 daily by doing a job somewhere. so he’s very proud of himself. If you go for a job in a company in today’s time, then in the initial time you are given 10 to 12 thousand rupees as salary. which is a very small amount. In today’s time offline or online, there are many ways in which you can earn 500 rupees daily. We are going to tell about those methods.

 1.  Earn 500 rupees daily by blogging

You can also create a blog and write articles on it on many topics. You can also do this work from your mobile phone. You can make a blog for free even after spending absolutely a penny. To create a free blog, you can take the help of Google’s product On the other hand, if you do not want to create a Paid Blog, then you can create your blog very easily through WordPress by purchasing Hosting & Domains from any company.

2. Earn 500 rupees daily from youtube

You must have heard a lot about earning money from YouTube, in which you are told that you can earn well from YouTube by making videos on YouTube. Many people are earning more than 5 lakh rupees a month by making videos on YouTube. And if you also want to make videos on youtube to earn 500 rupees daily. So you can do it very easily.

3. Earn 500 rupees daily from Facebook

The way people earn money by uploading videos on YouTube, in the same way, good money can be earned sitting at home by uploading videos on Facebook. Like Youtube, money can also be earned from Facebook, To earn money from Facebook, you have to create a Facebook page, because we cannot earn money from our normal profile on Facebook. To earn money from Facebook, you should create a Facebook page only.You will have to create a Facebook page and upload a video on it, here you can make a video related to the area in which you have talent and upload it on the Facebook page. For example, if you like to do comedy, then you can make a comedy video for Facebook from your mobile and upload it on Facebook. To Monetize Facebook Video, you should have 10000 Followers and 600000 Watch Minute completed on your Facebook page. Only then you will be able to monetize your Facebook video through Facebook Ads.

 4.Earn 500 rupees daily by opening bank account of people through mobile

If you have people who do not have a bank account, then you can easily earn 500 rupees daily by opening the bank account of those people from your mobile. For this you have to download Gromo App from Google Play Store. Gromo is a Financial App where you can earn money by opening bank accounts of people, giving loans to people etc.In this app, you get the option of opening many bank account accounts, by which you open the bank account of another person, then you can earn from Rs 300 to Rs 800 per account opening.

 5. Earn Rs 500 per day by doing Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, you have to join the Affiliate Program of a company and promote its product. There are many companies in the market that run affiliate marketing. These also include big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, When you join the affiliate program of a company, you get an Affiliate Dashboard from the company, from where you can create an Affiliate Link of any product of that company, and through this Dashboard you can link your Affiliate Link. Can see the number of buys and earnings”

6. Earn 500 daily from Instagram Reels

Instagram has taken out the program of Instagram Reels Play Bonus, under this, if Reels Creator’s Reels Video is seen and liked a lot by the people, then Instagram gives Instagram Reels Play Bonus to financially support that Reels Creator. This is just like Youtube Shorts Fund, let us tell you that Reels Play Bonus is given on the basis of the performance of Reels Video of any Creator, some get Reels Play Bonus of $500 and some get $5000.If you make Reels Video in good quality on Instagram, then you will be able to earn 500 rupees daily very easily through Reels Play Bonus program.

 7. Earn 500 daily from Zupee App

Zupee is an Online Gaming App, where you can earn money by participating in tournaments of popular games like Ludo, Snakes and winning the game. You also get the option of Refer & Earn in Zupee App, If you share your Referral Link with another person and if someone downloads your shared Referral Link Zupee App, then you get ₹ 10 Instantly. If you properly USE the methods like Games, Refer & Earn present on Zupee App, then you will be able to earn 500 rupees daily very easily.


In this post, you have been given complete information about how to earn 500 rupees daily, we have told about all the ways to earn money in this post. If you use any one of these methods correctly, then you will easily earn 500 rupees daily.

Ques 1:- How to get rs 500 immediately?

If you want to earn 500 rupees immediately, then for this you can open a person’s bank account through Gromo App, if you open a person’s bank account through this app, then this app will give you 500 rupees to 750 rupees immediately. gives up to How to earn 500 rupees daily

Ques 2:-  How to earn money without money?

You can start affiliate marketing business to earn money, you can earn more than 50 thousand rupees a month by starting affiliate marketing with 0 investment      





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