Stomach Ache

These home cures will give moment help in stomach torment

The issue of stomach torment is to such an extent that an individual is neither ready to sit easily nor accomplish any work. Commonly individuals take medications over and over for torment which isn’t great for wellbeing. Stomach agony can be because of many reasons, yet much of the time it is because of clogging, gas, loose bowels, acid reflux, ulcers and kidney stones. Be that as it may, there can be different purposes behind stomach torment.

Stomach Ache

For this situation, home cures are a superior choice. The majority of the inside issues of the body are related with the stomach, as the stomach gets food and helps in the progression of energy.
Stomach torment is a typical issue that can happen to anybody whenever. Simultaneously, at times this issue can likewise show up as a side effect of some serious illness.

fenugreek seeds

Cook the fenugreek seeds a bit and afterward grind them to make powder. Take it with warm water. Remember that the fenugreek seeds ought not be cooked excessively and the water ought not be excessively hot.


touch of asafoetida powder Make the water tepid. Presently blend asafoetida and rock salt in it well. Presently drink gradually.
Rehash this cycle 2-3 times each day.


Teaspoon ground fennel, some water, half teaspoon honey, To treat stomach torment, bubble ground fennel in water and bubble it for 10 minutes. Save it for quite a while to chill off. Presently channel the water in a cup. Blend a portion of a teaspoon of honey in water and drink it. Do this cycle 1-2 times each day.


The most effective method to place ginger in tea. Allow it to bubble well and afterward add milk. Its utilization gives alleviation in torment. The digestive organs will go about their business appropriately.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice gives a great deal of help in stomach torment brought about by reasons like gas, obstruction, loose bowels. A portion of some aloe vera juice eases torment from bothering in your stomach.


7-8 basil leaves, Put basil leaves in some heated water and drink it. Aside from this, basil leaves can likewise be consumed this way.

Stomach Ache

Causes of Stomach Pain

1. Constipation

2. Diarrhea

3. Kidney stones

4. Urine infection

5. Food poisoning

6. Inflammation of the gallbladder

7. Heartburn

8. Menstrual cramps

Symptoms of Stomach

Stomach torment isn’t a sickness, yet a side effect of different infections.

Types of Stomach ache

1. General pain :- This kind of aggravation is as a rule because of wrong dietary patterns and heartburn. It influences the entire or a big part of the stomach. This sort of aggravation likewise seeks better without treatment.

2. local pain :- This aggravation is more serious than typical torment. It frequently targets one piece of the mid-region.

3. Colicky pain :- This kind of aggravation comes in waves in the mid-region. This aggravation begins over and over and stops out of nowhere. This aggravation can be because of stones and gallstones.

How to treat stomach ache in winter?

Ginger or warm packs can be utilized to treat stomach torment in winter. These can assist in easing with tolerating torment brought about by cold. As of now, there is no exploration accessible on these and use them solely after counseling a specialist.

What is the home remedy for stomach pain in children?

Rice water can be utilized to treat colic in kids. It can help in decreasing loose bowels and stomach torment brought about by it in kids.

What should not be eaten in stomach pain?

While according to one point of view, you are proposed to eat explicit things when you have stomach torture, of course you are drawn nearer to avoid explicit food sources.

1. Tea and Coffee

2. Alcohol and Cigarettes

3. Tobacco and Gutkha

4. Citrus fruits

5. Oily and Spicy

6. Carbonated drinking water

7. Foods made from tomatoes

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