Ways and means to stay fit

Keeping the body fit is not an easy task. Apart from home cooked food, good sleep and exercise, there are many other things which take a lot of time. Who does not want to remain fit till old age and if he remains fit even in old age then what is the problem. People often do gym to stay fit and after a few days when the hobby is over, fitness also seems distant. Healthy body is the key to a healthy life, but it is necessary to have good habits for a healthy body. In today’s era, the lifestyle of most people has deteriorated and it has become very difficult for them to keep themselves fit and healthy. To stay fit, a large number of people join the gym and go there and do workouts for hours, in which people of all ages can be seen exercising.Everyone wants a body that is perfect, fit & healthy, To stay fit, you have to make some changes in your diet and daily routine.Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet daily, By including vegetables and fruits, you will get rid of many types of diseases. That’s how you’ll stay tight

Ways and means to stay fit

Ways and means to stay fit

How to stay fit:-

Drinking water after waking up in the morning- Wake up in the morning and drink water in a big glass before tea or coffee. After waking up the whole night, the body remains completely dehydrated. Drinking water after waking up in the morning…

  1. Dental Flossing-  Flossing is the best way to take care of teeth. Small pieces of food get stuck in the edges of the teeth, due to which bacteria start forming.
  2.   Go for a walk:- Walking is most important to stay fit. You can walk a few kilometers every day in the morning or evening. Many people also like to run. Both running and walking are very beneficial for health.
  3. Gargle with mouthwash- Gargling with a good mouthwash for 30 seconds kills the bacteria in the mouth. It can be done at any time but health.
  4. Protein rich breakfast- Having a protein-rich breakfast keeps blood sugar under control, the body gets energy, does not feel hungry quickly and the mood is also good. Protein-rich bread…
  5. Do yoga:-  By going to the nearest park, you can do yoga and meditation for some time only. This will improve both your physical and mental health.
  6.  Do dance:- If you are fond of dancing, then this can also prove to be a plus point for your health. Dancing every day for a few minutes gives a positive effect on our body.
  7.   Make carb food healthy-  Health experts say that if you like to eat carbohydrate foods like bread, pasta or potatoes, then try adding olive oil or vinegar to it…
  8. Do meditation:- To stay fit, it is important that your focus is at one place. When you think about a lot of work at a time, you start feeling stressed or anxious, which is harmful for any person. Use meditation, which will help you to increase your concentration.
  9.  Eating one fruit a day- Eat one fruit or some green vegetable as a snack throughout the day. If you are short of time, then cut it at night and keep it in the fridge. By eating fruits every day, the body…
  10. Sleep well:- People should fix their sleeping and waking time. Waking up late at night is not good for health. Every day 7 to 8 hours of sleep should be taken and minimum stress should be taken.
  11. Drinking green tea- Green tea is very beneficial for health. According to a study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, drinking green tea at least thrice a week…
  12. Climb stairs- Climbing 60 stairs in 20 seconds three times a day increases cardio fitness by 5 percent. Slight improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness can also reduce heart disease…

Quotation 1:- Why do we need to exercise ?

According to a study, about 64% of Indians never do exercise. There are also a large number of women among, Exercising is as important for us as eating and drinking water. Regular exercise keeps us fit not only physically but also mentally. On the other hand, there are some women who work out throughout the day but then leave it in the middle due to lack of motivation.  This is the reason why women suffer from diseases related to obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. 

Quotation 2:- Muscle spasm remains healthy .

Regular excision keeps the muscles healthy Also the blood flow is also done properly. If you exercise daily, it also helps in activating the brain cells.



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